My Story 

Many things have led me to my nutritional career including my own experience with life threatening anaemia due to a haemorrhage suffered as a result of menstrual complications in my teens followed by an anxiety disorder and gut issues in my 20's following a gut infection I got during my travels.  What I discovered very quickly was how differently I felt when I paid attention to what I ate, began to practice yoga, got the courage to come off the oral contraceptive pill and undertake my yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus in Andalusia, Spain. In other words I felt in tune with my body, that I could really take my health into my own hands which was a relief and empowering.


When my daughter was born she, almost immediately, developed eczema. Following many visits to the GP, I was referred to a consultant who suggested using topical steroid medication for her symptoms but I was reluctant. I could not understand why my daughter had this condition from the time she was breastfed and so began to research and try different approaches. 

 As a busy mother, I understand the constraints we have in our lives and take this into account when devising my clients’ plans.

I wanted to find out what was causing this and a friend had recommended seeing a nutritionist. The nutritionist worked on finding the root cause of the symptoms. Following her anti inflammatory and gut health recommendations , some good quality probiotics and some simple  food suggestions my daughter’s eczema began to dissipate. It is true that Immune systems are shifting at a young age and she may have outgrown it as is often hoped but I believe the gut and immune support she received were pivotal in her recovery and in stopping the possible "atopic march".

This inspired me to find out more about nutrition and I soon became passionate about it. I decided to apply to study at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine and, following a 3 year intensive course, I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist.  

I not only managed to increase my own health and wellness but discovered how much Nutritional Therapy can support countless people with a myriad of debilitating chronic conditions that they just put up with. I also learned through personal experience just how much better you can feel by making simple but effective changes to your diet and firmly believe that the food we eat has a vast effect on our health and wellbeing.