Naturopathic Médecine

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary medicine

which uses nutrition science to promote health, optimum body function, and individualised care.

Registered Nutritional Therapists address nutritional imbalances by assessing

how they are affecting an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.

Nutritional Therapy is relevant for those looking to optimise their health

and well being, in addition to those with chronic health conditions.

Body function, protection against disease and environmental changes are all influenced by

the nutrients we eat. In certain cases diet can be a risk factor for many diseases.

Though an individual’s genetic makeup will determine just how much diet can affect our health,

many dietary chemicals can alter our gene configuration.  

Thus, dietary intervention can be an invaluable tool to help prevent or to alleviate chronic disease.

During an Initial one-to-one consultation with me at my clinic or via Skype/Zoom, 

you will be asked to fill out a 3-day food diary and a general health questionnaire 

which you will need to return prior to  the consultation.

During the consultation, we will talk, in depth, about any health concerns you may have,

your medical and family history,  dietary and lifestyle habits.

We will establish any possible nutritional imbalances and deficiencies and together we will develop a protocol that best suits your needs and fits in with your lifestyle.

I will recommend nutritional supplementation as well as NHS or

private laboratory testing for a greater overview of your general health or

deeper insight into any specific areas. With your consent, I will actively communicate with

your GP or may refer you to a specialist in the relevant field should it fall beyond my remit of practice.  

For further details visit the BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) website.

Disclaimer – Nutritional Therapy is not recommended as a substitute for conventional medicine.

Should you have any health concerns, approach your primary health care practitioner as soon as possible.