Poetry to Kick Things Off

Hello !

So today I launch my website and hope you manage to manoeuvre around it.

I designed it myself so it may have a few teething problems. Just contact me if you have any issues with it.

I am also about 3 weeks from giving birth to our baby girl and have a mad urge to nest and make everything perfect. Classes are on hold for now and will start up again around October time so just check the schedule and I'll keep you posted.

Here is a little poem called Line...about life & love & friendship...

Hope you like it ;-)


Corner crack of wisdom

Echoes of a crescent

Salty water to a cliff

Sitting on the edge of reason

Like a hole in a thatched roof

Proof etched away

There in your place

Letting drips seep through

Stick faced muddy wet canvas

Your face

What was it

That made you curl up

'Til drops tumbled down

Traces of a hundred miles

One hundred smiles ago

Spoke to you and stole

Your precious attention

Made that face exceed all expectation

I would climb in if I could

Dangle on the edge and cut the rope

So as to roll around

In the sweet crevasse of your childhood

Picking up the scent of all your

Love and Loss



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